Deposit Guarantee


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You obtain aid for the loan deposit amount from us.We will ensure that our team works tirelessly to ensure that you get the deposit on your dream home that you deserve.
Your deposit then gets paid to a transfer attorney. They will ensure that the transfer of your property runs smoothly.

Deposit Guarantee ensures that our transfer attorneys are well versed in the art of ownership transferal of immovable properties.

The transfer attorney will then go ahead and provide the bank with a guarantee for the deposit amount on your home loan.

Our Transfer attorney will provide the bank with a guarantee that you’ll pay off your loan.

You will be able to use this loan for the purchase of a Property.

You’ll need to send us ithe required documentation to get reviewed, We’ll then run a credit check to determine if you can afford the loan.

We offer qualified transfer attorney’s for assistance. They’ll guide and assist you through the whole process.

That may depend on the cost of the property that you’re purchasing, and the contract that you agreed on.