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Welcome to Deposit Guarantee

Here at Deposit Guarantee, our aim is to ensure that you have the aid you need to get a guaranteed deposit on your home loan. Our goal is to supply our clients who are struggling to finance their deposit for their home loans. In order to do just that, we use strategic measures to secure our clients best interest, and interest rates.


We understand that affording your new home can be difficult, so we have 3 easy steps that we follow to secure your deposit:


Step 1: You obtain aid for the loan deposit amount from us. We will ensure that our team works tirelessly to ensure that you get the deposit on your dream home that you deserve.


Step 2: Your deposit then gets paid to a transfer attorney. They will ensure that the transfer of tour property runs smoothly. Deposit Guarantee ensures that our transfer attorneys are well versed in the art of ownership transferal of immovable properties.


Step 3: The transfer attorney will then go ahead and provide the bank with a guarantee for the deposit amount on your home loan.


We pride ourselves on our transparency – we will be there every step of the way, explaining how the home loan on your deposit will work, and how it will affect the cost. We also do not expect our clients to order more than they can afford, aiming to only grant loans on agreeable terms for you.


Deposit Guarantee only needs a few documents from you in order to get the ball rolling:


  1. Identity Document
  2. 3 Months Bank Statements
  3. Proof of Residents (optional)
  4. Salary Statement
  5. Signed offer to purchase document
  6. AIP from the Bank

It is important to note that Deposit Guarantee will run a credit check.


We hope that you will consider Deposit Guarantee to walk this journey with you.


3 Step Process

Obtain Home Loan Deposit Aid

Deposit Goes to a Transfer Attorney

Transfer Attorney gives bank the deposit guarantee

What is a Transfer Attorney?

A Transfer Attorney is a legitimate professional who has practical experience in taking care of the exchange of responsibility for property. This incorporates the exchange of private/private property, for example, a house or sectional title unit or business property, for example, a mall. It additionally incorporates circumstances where the purchaser/dealer is a characteristic individual or a substance like an organization or trust.


A Transfer Attorney should likewise be a certified conveyancer to take care of the exchange interaction which requires a particular test in the field of conveyancing.


As a method of guaranteeing the full property move process is overseen adequately, it is a legitimate prerequisite for all deeds and reports requiring enlistment at the Deeds Office be drawn up and put together by a certified lawyer, legal official or conveyancer. This is controlled through the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937.

Deposit Guarantee Helps you Obtain Your Home Loan Deposit

A Home Loan Deposits can help you to afford a down payment on your home. Paying the deposit on your home loan could make your repayments more affordable, and might help you to get a lower interest rate, in comparison to not paying a down payment at all. 

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